Our Authors

The authors and contributors of the book “Off the Book and On the Record” include:

Jaime Rich


Jaime Rich is presently a practicing attorney and member of the Florida Bar.  She is a 2006 graduate of the University of Miami Law School, a member of the Psychology & Public Policy Law Review, and a 2003 graduate of the University of Central Florida’s School of Communications.   Jaime originally started Swept Away TV-The Rock Star Stories as a local television show with her sister, Amanda Rich. Swept Away is the name of Jaime and Amanda’s now defunct singing group that previously appeared on the Jenny Jones Show in 2000.  Jaime’s law practice focuses primarily on intellectual property and entertainment law matters.

Amanda Rich


Amanda began interviewing rock stars when she was fifteen and a sophomore in high school. One of her favorite interviews was the one with Gavin DeGraw. Amanda had a teacher in high school who liked the episodes so much, he played them in her class. Amanda is a May 2006 graduate of the University of Miami Film School and now works in television for an internet television project in Florida. She has helped with Swept Away TV-The Rock Star Stories for the past 9 years and worked as a PA on several television shows and movies when she was in college including The Hogan Family.

Zac Rich


Zach Rich is a student at Florida Atlantic University studying Digital Media. Zach has also worked at the local Apple Computer store and is an expert on installing ram and hard drives on Mac computers. Zach has been a host on Swept Away TV since season 3, and been kissed by the band Alien Ant Farm, had beer poured on him, and has been hit in the head with bottles more times than he can count. In 2003, Zach and cast member Nick Corirossi were in a commercial for Acuvue Contacts that was based on The Rock Star Stories. After graduation Zac hopes to star his own new media company and expand Swept Away Media’s LoonaticTv, our internet television station.

Brittany Rich


Brittany Rich will be a college freshman in Fall 2009 at the University of Miami majoring in Media Management.

Brittany conducted her first interview alone when she was fifteenandshe interviewed one of her favorite bands,Hello Goodbye.The only problem with the interview was that the light bulbs in the camera lights kept exploding.She borrowed some from the Merch guy at the venue,but they exploded too.He’s probably still trying to figure out what happened.Brittany’s favorite interview to date was with Dave Melillo, a member of Cute is What We Aim For and formerly a solo artist.

Jeff Hendler


Jeff Hendler gave up Little League baseball when he was thirteen to work on Swept Away TV.  What began as a hobby has turned into a full time career for this talented young man.    Jeff was a May 2007 graduate of the University of Miami film school, and  the winner of many prestigious scholarships and awards for his work.  He has worked on projects for MTV, VH1, Oxygen and the William Morris Agency.  Jeff now lives in Los Angeles and works for a television production company in development.

Michelle Nash


Michelle Nash was a host on season’s 3 and 4 and interviewed many special artists.  A highlight for Michelle was interviewing singers Lisa Loeb and Avril Lavigne since Michelle sings and plays guitar herself.  A May 2008 graduate of the prestigious NYU Tisch Film School, Michelle has produced numerous short films and a television pilot.    She is planning on attending Law School in the Fall of 2009.

Nicole Shevloff


Nicole is a Communications major at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. Nicole knew everything about all the bands that were out there and became our first resident music guru. Nicole’s favorite interview moment was watching Zach get kissed by the band Alien Ant Farm.